Removable vs Non-removable battery? What to do when your phone is hang?

Non-removable battery phones now on trending but still there many people who are scared to use them and different people have different opinions about smartphone battery. But the questions are which one is easy to use and safe.

So here are the Reason why Smartphone Companies use non-removable battery –

Designed and look –

For smartphones users, not only the specification even looks and designed also matters. Everyone wants a slim, good looking well-designed phone. In that case, if companies implement a removable battery so naturally phones get bulky and ugly designee even they must use plastic body otherwise it gets heavy.

For Safety –

In the case of the removable battery when it goes expire then people will go to any local store and buy any random battery and fit that on their phone. Most of the cases that battery might not be an original one so chances are there to happen anything wrong with that battery, and later people blame the smartphone company.

More Profit –

In the end of the day, companies want to make more profit. One of the reasons behind using no removable battery is companies want that people only use their authorized product so they can earn make more profit.

Advantage and Disadvantage of non-removable battery –

Advantage –

More battery life – 

Usually, non-removable battery’s give more backup than removable.

More safety – 

As I earlier said when you use authorized battery your safety is more guaranteed.

Maintain a good phone –  

No need to open your phone various time so the back of your phone obviously is in good condition.

Disadvantage –

Easy restart option –  

One of the big disadvantages is you don’t get the easy restart option. In the case of the removable one you just need to pop the back cover off and take out the battery. It’s really helpful when phones start heating too much.

Battery replacement – 

For removable one, it’s easy to replace the battery even you can do it by yourself. But for this, you need to go servicing center for changing the battery.

Quires about nonremovable battery –

Nothing to do when nonremovable battery phone hang? 

Well, you might hear this line already but it’s not true you can easily switch it off when the phone is hanging. There are shortcuts available for every smartphone.

 Can I change the battery – 

Yes, but are not able to do by yourself. For changing the battery, you need to go an authorized servicing center.



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