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When is the Pokemon Go Halloween event 2017?

Pokemon GO fans have been speculating for months now whether the Pokemon Go Halloween event 2017 will be used to launch Generation 3 Pokemon. now via a data mine of the most recent update.

New wallpaper art has shown several Gen 3 Pokemon which will soon be available in the event. The Pokemon which appear on the artwork includes Dujsclops, Sableye, and Duskull. The latest on the Pokemon website states “The Halloween season is a special time in Pokémon GO.

Events usually run for a period of several days and reward players with upgrades and bonuses. As well as rewarding frequent players the events also act as a way to tempt lapsed trainers.

When is the Pokemon Go Halloween event 2017?

Last year’s Halloween event ran from October 26 to November 1 and gave players double candy for participating in activities.

Pokemon Go Halloween event 2017

Niantic, Inc

It’s expected that this year’s event may take place on the same dates but it was not an official announcement.

 Potentially, Niantic could extend the event a little more to give players an even greater chance of capturing more Pokemon.

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Pokemon Go Gen 2 or 3?

Gen 2 had a delicate dispatch when the infants arrived a long time before the full dispatch of all whatever is left of the Pokémon. That wasn’t unpleasantly generally welcomed by the group, yet it’s conceivable that may be the situation here.

The only thing missing was the Gen 3 sound files needed to replicate the new Pokemon. 

However, these were discovered in the most recent Pokemon Go update, as well as the spooky Lavender Town theme from Pokemon Red and Blue.

Niantic may have taken in their lesson, and we may get an all-out Gen 3 dispatch all things considered.

Gen 3 will dump a lot of new Pokémon into the game, more than Gen 2 did. Arguably a better batch with more well-designed original Pokémon that have fewer standalone and no evolutions of Gen 1 or 2 Pokémon.

A year prior, Gen 2 was its own particular distinctive dispatch. Well, not particularly settling to an event, so I can view this as a development generator with two or three Pokémon.

Then Gen 3 is released later in November or December complete with attack administrator unrests and diverse changes.

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Will you be able to capture Mewtwo during the Halloween event?

It’s not clear if you will be able to catch Mewtwo during the Halloween event.

it would seem fitting for Niantic to include Mewtwo raids during the event as it is a Psychic-type Pokemon so perfectly suited to Halloween.

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