What is VoLTE Network? How does it works/

Guys, I guess many of you already heard about the VOLTE Network but don’t know much about it, like what is used for? How does it work? etc. Basically, this technology is newly introducing that why lots of people don’t know the details about it even many peoples confused between VOLTE and LTE. What is VOLTE…

What is VPN? How does it works? some usage of vpn

VPN or Virtual Private Network is a Technology That creates a safe and encrypted network over an insecure network like the Internet. Basically, Public network like the internet are not 100% secure, you must think twice before doing anything on the internet, so that’s Why VPN is a great option in front of internet user’s….

What is AR? How it works? every thing you need to know about Augmented Reality

IN 1990 Professor “Tom Caudell” working as a part of a neural systems project at Boeing.  This project was focused on finding new ways to help the company’s engineering process and involved the use of virtual reality. That’s the first time when the research will start about Augmented Reality. Per scientist Augmented Reality is the…


What is Gorilla Glass? Advantage and Disadvantage

In today’s life, we all are using Gorilla Glass screen on our smartphone, media player, Television etc. Gorilla Glass is a brand of specializes toughened glass developed and manufactured by Corning. It is specifically engineered to be as thin and light as possible, while still being able to resist damage.

All about Li-Fi

What is Li-Fi? How dose it Works? – Li-Fi Vs Wi-Fi

I guess you already heard about the term Li-Fi. Maybe you had many quires about it.  Li-Fi stands for  “Light fidelity” And Mr. Harald Hass first introduce this technology at his TED GLOBAL TALK in 2011. After doing some experiment and testing it proves that Li-Fi is faster than Wi-Fi.