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We have amazing news for you – 8 Ball Pool lovers. miniclip pool is one of the popular game on online. People are really crazy about this game. Today we talk about some newly added features on Miniclip pool.

Those who don’t know what Miniclip pool is let me give an idea to you, it’s an online pool game which has lots of exciting features like Play with your friends even with random other players changing the stick and lot more others. Today we talk about some more features that Newly add-on Miniclip pool. It might be exciting for Miniclip 8 ball players and for others those who not played this game yet, they might also try this game.

New Location and Challenge

This feature called New location and the new challenge. There will be new Tiers and Tournaments with great challenges 8 Ball Pool will showcase four new tables around the world, from Asia to South America. Beijing No Guidelines Paradise, Dallas R.odeo 9 Ball, Istanbul No Guideline 9 Ball these new rooms are added to Miniclip pool.

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Friends Leaderboard change

Miniclip pool

Games against your friends and rematches will count towards your weekly winnings on the Friends Leaderboard but rematches and friend challenges will continue not to count for the Global, Country or My League leaderboards. I would like to tell you that this will happen for the first time on.

Well, these are the updates but if you don’t know the rules and regulations of this game see in the below.

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Rules should know for Miniclip pool

Calling pockets

To call a pocket all you need to do is click the pocket you want to pot the ball into. Some of the mid-ranked tables require you to call the pocket on the 8 Ball and the higher rank tables require you to call a pocket for every ball.

Miniclip 8 ball pool foul Rules

8 Ball

Running out of time: you have a short amount of time to take your shot, so don’t take too long or play passes to the other player. Your time gets a little shorter with every ball you pot in a game.

Potting the 8 Ball before all your object balls have been potted.

Cueball not hitting your own balls: if the white doesn’t make contact with one of your own balls before hitting your opponent’s balls, or it misses altogether, this is a foul.

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How to add Friends to Miniclip pool

  • You can challenge your Facebook friends if you’ve linked your Facebook and Miniclip accounts. Check our knowledge base see how.
  • You can search for a user if you know their player name. NOTE: players will only show up in search if they are online.
  • You can search using user IDs (Mobile only).
  • You can add a player by clicking the “plus” sign on their profile picture.


How do you earn coins/cash for free

In this game, you have chance to get free coins that you need to play this game

  • You can earn 25 coins every 30 mins on Web and 1 hour on Mobile. The tap of the Free Coins button to get the coins.
  • You can also watch short adverts to earn coins.
  • You earn 1 Pool Cash each time you level up
  • Spin & Win
  • Scratch & Win Miniclip pool
  • Hi-Lo Lucky Winning

For more Details See Miniclip Website

How to play Miniclip pool?

You can play this by visiting Miniclip website or by downloading 8 ball pool app

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