CPU overclocking

What does it mean to overclock CPU? Advantage and Disadvantage

People who have interest in PC computers and love pc building they CPU overclocking. CPU enthusiast always waits for new CPUs to come so they can overclock that and get the test of the full power of it. Running a chip at a higher speed than it was designed to run so they can take the test of full power.

This process can speed up your CPU and therefore speed up your computer if your computer is not using too. It has some disadvantages also. What I mean is CPU overclocking is not always beneficiary. So today we present a basic idea about CPU overclocking and its advantage and disadvantage.

What is overclocking


overclocking means setting your CPU and memory to run at speeds higher than their official speed grade. All the CPU comes from the factory set to run at a certain maximum speed and when you use it at that speed it should work fine. However, you revoke that limit and increase the CPU’s speed by setting a higher clock rate or multiplier in the computer’s BIOS, forcing it to perform more operations per second. This can speed up your CPU and in this way, accelerate your PC if your PC is constrained by its CPU.  It may become physically damaged if you don’t provide additional cooling because in this situation it produces much heat than the normal time.

In a short note, increasing a component’s clock rate causes it to perform more operations per second, but it also produces additional heat. Overclocking can help to get more performance out of your components, but they’ll often need additional cooling and care.


What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of overclocking?

On the off chance that you are not happy with the execution of your CPU or GPU then you can overclock it, so it can work at the higher frequency to give you slack-free and snappier experience. Overclocking has some advantages and disadvantages and if you are planning to do then you should know all those things.

Advantages of overclocking

Gaming on overclocking

  • If you overclock a processor, you are really pushing the limits of it and doing so will increase the overall speed and responsiveness of your computer.
  • The obvious purpose of overclocking a processor is to get more performance for your dollar.
  • If you are a gamer and have high-end games to play but your CPU face problems to run those games then Overclocking your CPU can be particularly useful in gaming, but only with titles that require a lot of demand.
  • you’ll notice that the likes of CAD, Final Cut Pro and other software will see a significant speed increase When it comes to overclocking a CPU.

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Disadvantages of overclocking

  • The faster your CPU is, the more power it’s going to consume. so, you may need to mess with voltage settings as well.
  • OF course, more power immediately means you’ll be dealing with more heat So, you would need a special cooling system if you don’t want to turn the processor into a burnt piece of hardware.
  • You are making the processor to go beyond its default frequency which will definitely decrease the overall life of the processor itself.
  • Overclocking isn’t implied for everybody, just overclock on the off chance that you know how to, and what’s going on with you.



We do not recommend anyone to overclock their devices as it has many risks but still if you want to do and know how to do then go for it. All the Advantages and disadvantages you know now.

Let’s take a look at the some of most asked question about CPU overclocking Process

FAQ About CPU overclocking

Why would you need to overclock?

  • The Right CPU.
  • Another computer besides the main computer.
  • Data display software.
  • Stress test software.
  • A good Cooling system.


Do you need to overclock for gaming?

Speeding up your CPU may not do much for your gaming experience. Yet you most likely won’t see the impact on the present PC games. Mostly it depends on your software special requirements.

Can the laptop be overclocked?

The tools we mentioned above you can use most of the same tools for laptops as those you would use for overclocking a desktop graphics card.

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