The Essential Phone price drop Alert

The Essential phone Price drop for North America

Well, I think everyone knows about the most highlighted Android phone The Essential Phone. The Essential Phone price keeps on tumbling down, slowly but surely. The Essential Phone is one of the most good-looking phones of this Year and now the pricing is sorted it kind of makes the handset a steal.

 it comes with 128GB of storage as standard, a gorgeous all-glass frontage, stripped down software with minimal bloatware, and plenty of useful tweaks and USPs like its wireless modules.

Is the Essential Phone being a good Choice?

The Essential phone Price drop

The Essential Phone is not a big name in the industry but with prices this low, I think A LOT of people will now start looking at this handset more seriously.

At its launched date the phone price is high but Now when the essential phone price is becoming low it seems a good choice for many people.

Why not? The essential phone has a good stable hardware, it also has the latest hardware and provides the smooth experience. Now with a good price, it reaches all the point a good smartphone should have.

I mean, can you name a brand as new as OnePlus that has had similar success? Nope, neither can I. And how OnePlus did it was through aggressive pricing and innovative marketing – two things sorely missing from Essential’s campaign.

Price drop of the essential Phone

This is fundamentally the OnePlus plan of action, and Essential ought to have replicated it as nearly as could be expected under the circumstances, as it is the main arrangement that seems to have worked for another brand entering the space.

It’s still just Available in restricted markets, basically, North America, as you’re yet to get the Phone in the EU or UK. In the US, the handset has gotten another value cut – the first dropped it by $200 – this time it’s coming down to $449.99, best case scenario at Best Buy, a drop of $50 over the primary decrease.

That’s $250 cheaper than the launch RRP of $699.99. The saving applies to white or black colored models with 128GB of onboard storage.

Buyers only get the discount of $50 only at Best Buy and Amazon.

In the interim, in Canada, Essential itself has declared through Twitter a drop to the official cost in the district by $400 CAD ($315 US) by means of its accomplice organize TELUS. The Essential Phone propelled at $1,050 CAD and TELUS is putting forth it for $650 CAD.

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