Best Face Recognition Apps for Android and iPhone free download

People Use Smart Gadgets all the time but the most concern things about gadgets are security. After Fingerprint now its time for Face recognition.  Using Face recognition for security propose is now on trend. This year many Phones like iPhone X, One Pulse 5T, use Face Recognition for unlocking. 

Not just for Security propose Apps Face Recognition for the different purpose. Due to Big Competition, both Android and iOS Supported devices are Adapt this Technology as Fast as Possible. That’s why we made a list of Top 10 Face Recognition app for Android and iOS. There are many face detection software for Android and iOS but we think our priority list helps you to find the perfect Face recognition app.

Top Face Recognition app for android free download

Face Lock for apps

Face lock


Use FaceLock to protect your apps with your face! Your face is the key to unlock them. You can use FaceLock to protect your mobile phone against theft, by locking apps (applock), as a gallery lock or to lock WhatsApp and Facebook, so nobody can spy on you. This one is perfect if you have any secret content like chat, Videos, Images etc.

Find Face

Find Face


Find Face – a new application for Me by searching the human social networks, similar to the one shown in the photos. You can take a photo directly from the application or downloaded from the gallery. FindFace identifies with 70% accuracy and reliability. If you snap a photo of a stranger, you can then find out who that person is through their social media profile.

FindFace is mainly used for ID, check, and documentation. It can look 250 million faces in 0.3 seconds. It keeps up this pace, and that is a critical measure for its execution.


Face Lock Screen

Face Lock Screen


Do you need advanced protection tool? 
Here is the best app face lock screen.
Use Face Lock Screen to protect your screen with your face! Your face is the key to unlock screen lock. 

It is based on the most reliable advanced technique to protect you. 
Face lock Screen Free app is not required any technical knowledge from you just do the following steps 

  1. Train your face. Just push on train face button and it will do automatically in later to recognize your face
    2. Set password 
    3. Check enable screen lock

Luxand Face Recognition

Luxand Face Recognition Android


Just tap any detected face and give it a name. The app will memorize the face and recognize it further. For best results, hold the device at arm’s length. You may slowly rotate the head (or slowly change your location) for the app to memorize you at multiple views.

Luxand is basically used for face identification, surveillance, time and control monitory systems, which use the biometric identification for more accurate analysis with a high level of local security.

True Key Face Recognition by Intel

True Key


True Key by Intel Security eliminates the hassle of passwords. It remembers them, so you don’t have to. Instantly login to your favorite sites using features that are unique to you, such as your face or fingerprint.

True Key by Intel Security Productivity frees you from needing to type in long passwords to access the apps. If it doesn’t recognize your face, it will then ask for fingerprint biometrics for further access.

As the Intel’s tagline It’s Easy, It’s Safe, It’s useful.

Top Face recognition app for iPhone Free Download

BioID Facial Recognition

BioID Facial Recognition


The BioID app is a multifactor user authenticator – see how well face recognition works today! Developers and companies can easily add biometric authentication to their mobile platforms with a few lines of code. Their end users can log in or authorize transactions securely and conveniently. Forget passwords. Be recognized.

Password hacks make headlines almost every week: a password alone is not secure enough. And typing a long, complicated password on a mobile device is difficult and annoying. Multifactor authentication systems using factors like software/hardware tokens or biometric security are becoming more common.



Face Vault


The FaceVault iPhone app combines facial recognition and photo album security. With a refreshingly easy to use and intuitive interface, you can quickly set-up the FaceVault facial recognition app and make it more difficult for sneaky eyes to immerse themselves in your iPhone and iPod Touch photography. The problem with the app is that it is very limited in terms of what it can protect.

Luxand Face Recognition

Luxand Face Recognition iOS


Just tap any detected face and give it a name. The app will memorize the face and recognize it further. For best results, hold the device at arm’s length. You may slowly rotate the head (or slowly change your location) for the app to memorize you at multiple views. The app can memorize several persons. If a face is not recognized, tap and name it again.

True Key by Intel 

True Key iPhone


The True Key app removes the hassle of remembering multiple passwords and instantly logs you into your favorite sites. You can sync your True Key profile to your phone, tablet, and computer and enjoy more control over your digital identity. 

Simple, Instant Access
Unlock the True Key app with your unique facial math using Face log in.
From the moment you open your True Key profile, it helps you get where you want to go, faster. 
Enjoy instant access to your apps, websites, and devices
Store and automatically fill in your password details – no typing or remembering required
Sync to all your devices and have your information on hand
Use 2nd Device authentication as an added factor when logging in – just swipe the notification on your 2nd device to verify it’s you
Touch ID – access your Profile in a flash.

Face Recognition-Fast Access

Face recognition Fast


Fast & Secure Face Recognition! No need to remember & type passwords for websites on a tiny screen.

  • Banking on the go
    • Paying bills while waiting in line
    • Logging into a store to buy a last-minute gift

    FastAccess Face Recognition makes it easy to do all of that—and more—by securely logging you into your favorite sites with your face.

Integrated directly into a web browser, FastAccess automatically syncs site usernames and passwords on your iPhone, iPad ®, and iPod touch, as well as your computer and other mobile devices. Due to the iPhone’s design, FastAccess can only work within its own web browser. While it won’t unlock your iPhone, it will save you time, hassle and is fun to use.



Well, Face Recognition is become the next big things but not only for security even for different purposes also. These Face detection software for Android and iPhone is used for different features. These can help secure your software and your Android and iOS devices also.  Definitely, after Pin and Fingerprint Face Recognition is the next Security step. Many famous apps now use Face recognition to improving users experience.

Did you Want to use Face Recognition then Download and try them and Hopefully you like our Post Let us know in the comment.  Don’t Forget to Follow Us onTwitterFacebook and Google+

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