What are Drivers? Do you really need to Update Device Drivers? How does it work

We use our computers for different purposes. But have you think ever that when we connect any hardware device, how it can connect to that device? such as Printer, Mouse, Pen drive, keyboard, Digital Camera, Sound Card, Hard disk etc. you think your OS does this job? No, for every another hardware there has Drivers…


What is Iris Recognition? How Iris Scanner Works? Advantage and Disadvantage

All of us are using smart Gadgets nowadays, Right? But when it about security we all are concern about it. We all are using Pattern, Password, and Fingerprint to protect our Identity. But the question is how much safe this technology? We all know Pattern and Password can be easily hacked by social engineering.  A…


How does Voice Recognition work? Some Useful Apps for Voice Recognition

Ok Google, do this/do that, Yes, if I’m not wrong most of you guys are given the order to google like this. Now many voices recognition products are available in the market and people love to use them. Technology makes our daily life easy, day by day, before that we just need to type our…

Microsoft launched Surface laptop running on windows 10S | price in India

Microsoft launching their new Surface-branded laptop. Well, this laptop came with lots of new exciting features. But the most eye-catching thing is it come with Window 10S. Microsoft announced their new surface laptop with windows 10S at their Education Event in New York. Microsoft says Surface laptop software’s give a challenge to MacBook’s and Google…

MasterCard With Embadded Fingerprint Reader

MasterCard with embedded Fingerprint Reader

Cash? Nope, Most of the people react like the same way when anyone asks them to carry cash. Yes, nowadays people are not comfortable with carrying cash because they have cards. Cards are proved very helpful in our daily life. But peoples are also worried about their security. We all know cards can be hacked….