How does online streaming work

What is online Streaming? How does it work?

People love videos no matter what kind of it is, it can be technical, educational, entertaining even sometimes it’s can be about your love ones. Almost every user of the internet watching lots of videos daily on the internet. That’s Why Online streaming sites like YouTube and Netflix are getting huge success. Nowadays Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram also allow users to upload videos. But have you ever think that how video streaming works?

What is Online Streaming –

  Instead of downloading any video or audio file watching and listening to them on online called streaming. the media is sent in a continuous stream of data and is played as it arrives. So, users no need to wait for its downloading.

How does online Streaming Works –

Media has different formats like .mov, .wmv, .flv etc. So, users’ needs two things to stream it, one is a player (QuickTime, Adobe Flash Player) that support all those video and audio file format and a browser plugin. When users request for streaming any Audio, Video file then a fragment of data is arriving at the user’s device. A copy of the media doesn’t exist in user’s device because after completing the stream that media file will automatically discard.


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Behind the Technology – 

YouTube, Facebook like companies has their data servers where all the files have been stored. Those company’s hire streaming services from the stream service providers. When users request for any file companies send that data to that providers. Who will then host that files on the Cloud and provide to the users through Real-Time-Transport Protocol.

   IN Other hands your Player (Adobe Flash Player) decode, compress and display that data when it arrives. After playing that files, it will be compressed and all the unnecessary data will be the size of files will be less and users can enjoy streaming easily.

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