What is Iris Recognition? how iris recognition works? Advantage and Disadvantage

All of us are using smart Gadgets nowadays, Right? But when it about security we all are concern about it. We all are using Pattern, Password, and Fingerprint to protect our Identity. But the question is how much safe this technology? We all know Pattern and Password can be easily hacked by social engineering.  A fingerprint sensor is more secure than Password and Pattern but still, it’s not fully safe. That’s Why an Iris Recognition will be introduced. Let’s see some details about It.

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What is iris recognition?

Iris recognition is a biometric measure the unique pattern in the pupil of eyes for verifying and authenticating the identity.

How does it work?

Well, iris recognition works in two-stage First one is enrollment & another one is verification.

Enrolment –

First, you need scan their eyes. It’s simple, the person needs to stand in front of the camera and it will capture a digital Photograph and identify almost 240-250 unique feature (Fingerprint sensor detect only 50-60 Feature). Then unique features get convert into a 512digit number which is called IrisCode® and its store. This Enrolment process that takes 1-2 minute to complete.

Verification –

For verification, you need stand in front of iris scanner and have your eye Photographed again. Iris Scanner extracts the IrisCode® and matches against the existing one. If both match, then you successfully identify and your request gets approval.

Use of Iris scanners –

Nowadays Iris Scanner common in flagship phones. Big brands provide Iris Scanner in their phones. Except Phone iris scanner will use in different places to protect your identity. Governments attach this technology to different places such as ID cards (Aadhar Card) etc.

Iris scanners

Some Advantage and Disadvantage –

Advantage –

Iris Scanning is more Secure.

No need to touch that’s why hygiene will maintain.

This is an unforgettable technology, unlike Pin or Password technology.

Unlike fingerprint scanners, which need direct contact and have to be kept spotlessly clean, iris scans can be performed safely and hygienically at some distance from the eye.

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Disadvantage –

Still not 100% Accurate

Measurement can affect performance.

The drawbacks of iris scanning include greater initial cost and the fact that it’s still a relatively untried technology.

What makes an iris scan unique?

The iris is the colored ring of muscle that opens and shuts the pupil of the eye like a camera shutter. The colored pattern of our irises is determined genetically when we’re in the womb but not fully formed until we’re aged about two. It comes from a pigment called melanin—more melanin gives you browner eyes and less produces bluer eyes. Although we talk about people having “blue eyes,” “green eyes,” “brown eyes,” or whatever, in reality, the color and pattern of people’s eyes is extremely complex and completely unique: the patterns of one person’s two eyes are quite different from each other and even genetically identical twins have different iris patterns.

What do you think about it?  Are you using any Iris Scanning gadget? Let us know in the comment.

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