Why Chips are used In Cards (2)

How Does EMV Chip Cards Works? FAQ about Chip Cards

All the Credit Card holder is familiar with “Swipe and Sign” payment procedure. Basically, Users just need to swipe the card, press “OK” for the amount to be charged, and then sign your illegible scrawl on the screen. When we look at the International markets, they prefer “EMV Cards” or Chip Cards for safe payments….

Top 5 hilarious invention Google

Top 5 Most Hilarious Inventions by Google

Hey, Guys, I hope all of you use Google products in your daily life but did know what are “the most hilarious inventions invented by google”? Today we are showing you some most hilarious inventions by Google. Top 5 Most Hilarious Inventions by Google. Self-Diving Bicycle –  This Technology was introduced by the Google on…

AMD vs Intel

AMD vs Intel: Which Processors are Should Choose?

The most important parts of a computer are the CPU, otherwise known as the processor. the CPU is the brains of Computers. There are many well known (AMD vs Intel) companies who manufacture Processors. Finding the best processor for your needs is a straightforward task once you determine which brand suits you best. Not only the companies…